Boyfriend literally decides to kill himself rather than shop with girlfriend

Updated: December 10, 2013
chinese boyfriend just couldn't handle it
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Jiangsu Province, east China.

Hollywood couldn’t have come up with something like this in the movies. This is “shop-til-you-drop” gone horrifically wrong.

Before I get into this, please take a moment to realize that a life was lost, albeit in one of the most bizarre ways imaginable.

38-year-old Tao Hsiao decided to be a gentleman and do the most despised thing that any guy would ever do with his girlfriend: go shopping with her.

Except, this wasn’t your typical shopping day. Oh no: this was Christmas-time shopping in the overly-populated country of China, where there are more people than air to breathe. This is a totally different ballgame, and one that most guys would want absolutely no part of. Zero. But Tao liked his girlfriend so much that he was nice enough to tag along with her while she shopped.

Here’s the sequence of events:

damn thats a huge fallTao had been shopping nonstop on his feet in a crowded and popular shopping mall in China for 5 hours straight (have to check the Guinness Book of World Records on this, he might have broken it).

He wanted to go home, and he respectfully told his girlfriend this (understandable).

His girlfriend said, “no” and wanted to “just go into one more store” (yup, and I have all 8 toes).

She wanted to buy more shoes (totally understandable: there must have been a sale).

Irritated by his girlfriend’s request, he told her she had so many shoes that she might as well be Foot Locker (so far so good, just some friendly chirping).

When Tao said this, his girlfriend absolutely lost it: she called him all kinds of really nasty, R-rated names, like a skinflint (someone who’s cheap), scrooge, and even some bystanders reported her saying “scalawag” once or twice. These are highly inappropriate words considering there must have been all kinds of children in the vicinity.

Tao had enough. He threw his girlfriend’s bags on the floor and jumped 7 stories (yes seven stories) straight off the balcony. He fell through some Christmas decorations before dying on impact when he hit the floor. Emergency personnel took Tao’s body away almost immediately, and shopping continued as normal, with a few people scattering here and there in fright:

chinese boyfriend just couldn't handle it

This is the final frontier, the ultimate showing to your girlfriend that you will not tolerate her impulsive, addicted shopping practices.

But, is this the way to go out though? Because your girl’s shopping habits got the best of you, you decided to take your own life (during the holidays, no less)?

It seems that a more logical (and less fateful) move on Tao’s part was to just take the credit card away from his girlfriend if her shopping was really getting to him. Or better yet, let her go in the store, drop the bags, and go watch some football or something. This way, everyone wins, everyone’s happy.

Its not worth taking your life bro. Not many women are worth your life (with some special exceptions, but boy, they got to be really special). In other words, if your girl was not considerate enough to respect your very reasonable request to go home after several hours of money-spending, then she’s not worth staying with in the first place.

The same goes for girls too: if a guy isn’t going to take the time to (at the very least) listen to how your day was, then re-consider your situation with him.

I respect Tao for taking a stand for all of us guys out there, but this is still not the way to go out. And for the girls, be open to what your man has to say. Otherwise, he might decide to go harness-less base-jumping off a mall balcony.

Article by Senior Editor Franco Iudiciani. Follow on Twitter: @FrancoIudiciani

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